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About Us

Experience the island. Live the island life. 

At Island Life Watersports, it's more than the need for speed. Here we offer the opportunity to see the island from a new perspective- the water. Whether it's above on a paddle board or thundercat, or below with a subwing or sublue, there is a whole world to explore. We're a company who designs, builds, and sells products to aid your experience in seeing the true island view. 

If we don't do it, we don't sell it.

Our story

In June of 2016, we started as a club of Islanders enjoying the thrills of Thundercat boat racing, talking shop and an occasional beverage. At first the shop was a place where we could store our race boats and make necessary repairs and modifications. Overtime our community grew and we decided to begin importing Thundercat boats and small tenders for the retail client. In September 2017 the Virgin Islands suffered the direct hit of two catastrophic category 5 hurricanes. Many people were impacted including our shop. Together as a community, we rebuilt. We expanded the store to not only offer boats, but rather a full line of water toys and merchandise to offer that “island life” experience that we live by. We are a company that truly loves the island life and we want to share that with all our friends.

Meet The Team

Dan kite surfing

Co-Founder & CEO

Dan is your adventure enthusiast, need-for-speed, watersport fanatic. Dan has lived here for over 11 years and fell in love with the island when he sailed here on vacation with his wife. Long story short, he never left. 


Marcelo at the beach

Co-Founder & CFO

Marcelo is a man of numbers, lover of words, and go-with-the-flow kinda guy. Marcelo is the kind of guy you can turn to when you can't figure something out... or if you're in the mood to watch a documentary.


Tee zapcat racing

Co-Founder & CTO

Tee was raised on a large farm in South Africa and has been apart of the infanta family since the first prototype. Tee has spent the better portion of his life in the water. He professionally races the thundercats and as we like to say, Tee kicks a*$! 


Laura with camera

Sales & Marketing Manager

New to the island, Laura is obsessed with exploring, trying new activities, and documenting it all with her Nikon. Laura is our in-house artist, tech guru, and friendly face at the front desk. 


Christian with bote bag

Part time model/

Part time handyman

With his goldilock curls, Christian is easily recognized. His child-like nature photographs with ease as he ventures out on the island doing activities that are playful and water-friendly. 


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