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Exclusive Dealer + Hypalon Rib

High quality inflatable boats built with the best Hypalon material of the market, providing greater durability in the product. We can source open ribs, tenders, commercial ribs, sport ribs, and professional ribs. 

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  • Manufacture of boat hulls

The deck is built by hand with the finest resins and we only use the isoftalique gelcoat (the best on the market) to prevent osmosis and gel coat damages. The nonskid is integrated into the mold which allows intensive use (very popular with professionals) without ever having to replace it.

  • Quality of parts

All the parts we use are the top end of the market, ensuring the best quality and ensuring optimum return on investment. For parts designed internally like handles, covers, towing bollards, bathroom scales, ladies households, they are constantly improved to ensure that our customers appreciate the difference and continue to honor us with their loyalty; which allowed us to navigate the open sea during the recession while continuing innovation.

  • Quality of the electrical circuit

The individual cables are made of tinned copper lines before forming the complete cable. Also, the electrical terminals are welded and thermally insulated, which protects them from one end to the other against corrosion, ensuring us an operational circuit for many years. We are one of the few manufacturers to equip our boats with this type of electric installation. All switches and fuses are protected and isolated according to IP standards.

  • Quality of glue

We make our own glue for 25 years with a formula that we developed internally and obtained an incomparable rate of satisfaction; it is checked and approved by our fabric manufacturer and Bayer.

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